Thursday, July 16, 2015

red, white, blue, & Sherlocked

Sometimes you just have to put on a nice outfit and take yourself out to the movies! I loved the outfit so much that I wore it to work the next day. Which wasn't nearly as fun as watching a Sherlock double feature, but what are you gonna do.

This entire outfit is either handmade or hand me downs. I bought the blue floral fabric nearly 10 years ago when I had just moved to Seattle to go to school. It use to be a table cloth and only cost me $2. Despite many a purge, it has stayed in my fabric drawer until I found the perfect project. I used a simple pleated skirt pattern, but altered it to be tea length.

I haven't been to the New Bev much since "the troubles", but I just couldn't not go to a Sherlock Holmes double feature! It had been years since I saw Mr Rathbone's Hounds of Baskerville, and I had never seen The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. Christopher Lee as Mycroft gave me life!

Sweater: Forever 21- hand me down from Greta
Skirt: handmade by moi

Shoes: melissa- hand me down from Iza
Sunglasses: Dita knockoff's- hand me down from Iza
Sherlock pin- Christmas gift from Greta

outfit photos by Lex 

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